المحبة لا تسقط أبدا


Singer, song writer, lawyer, a multidiciplinary artist and peace activist, born in I’billin, a palestinian village in the Galilee (Israel) to a palestinian christian family.

Through her music Miriam opens hearts, and brings people to be more closer, she spreads the message that peace is possible, we are all one people, one planet, born to live and to share a beautiful future and to enjoy the diversity by respecting each other’s space…

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ااااه!!! صباح اخر بطعم الرماد والدخان! لبيروت الحبيبة، لأحبائي لأهلي لأقاربي في بيروت لكم سلام من قلبي، وقبل لبحرك، لبيوتك ولأولادك! From my heart. peace to Beirut, to my beloved ones, to my relatives, to every home and to every broken heart

Miriam Toukan
“Sólo le pido a Dios- my first quarantine cover song in Arabic and Spanish, ‘ Sólo Le Pido A Dios’ – I only ask God/ Salati – recorded in my little home studio, and in two more studios across the ocean. This song is dedicated to lonely, oppressed and hopeless people and to each one of us, to fulfill our hearts with hope and the most important thing is to take a moment and to reconsider our thoughts and decisions!! if you didn´t start yet, so please do it with us now!!”
Miriam Toukan

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