Miriam Toukan – Vocals | Idan Toledano – Flamenco guitar, Oud, Accordion | Etteri Bochorishvili – Piano
Baris Yavuz – Classic guitar | Rafael Molina – Saxophone | Curro Rumbao – Bass | Isra Redondo – Drums and percussion

TOUKANDALUZ is a fascinating musical project that brings cultures and people together.
The project was developed through the collaboration of musicians from different cultures, and countries : Palestine, Israel, Spain, Turkey and Georgia. During the performance, the listener experiences a kind of journey through cultures.
A journey as a basis for dialogue, human solidarity and message for peace through songs and melodies created by the group including performimg versions of known songs with a new arrangement made by the group. The show combines Arabic and Andalusian music, and world music and also protest songs calling for women empower and peace.

Idan Toledano – Oud, Flamenco guitar.
Idan Toledano is a versatile musician, composer and performer on guitar, oud, and accordion. Toledano writes and arranges music for theater and movies, and is the artistic director of the Arab Jewish women’s choir RANA in Jaffa.  Idan holds a BA in Music and Education from the Haifa University, and went on to specialize in Flamenco playing in Sevilia, Spain. Idan is playing and touring with different music ensembles in Israel and abroad, among them played as a solist with The Israeli Andalucian Orquestra and the artists: David Broza, Peter Yarrow, Chava Alberstein, Bobby McFerrin and many more.

Etteri Bochorishvili – Pianist and professional composer, studied at the superior music conservatory, Tblisi of TELAVI (Georgia), has worked as a pianist at Telavi and at the Lipetsk art school. She had performed in numerous concerts in Georgia and Russia. living nowadays in Spain, performing, leading choirs and teaching.

Baris Yavuz – Turkish guitarist and composer specialized in playing the Guitarra flamanca. Graduated from the High Conservatory of Music of Cَrdoba with honors. He has played in important festivals such as the Cordoba Guitar Festival from 2016. He worked with the Moroccan Philharmonic Orchestra in Rabat in 2017. he has his own solo flamenco show, and works and accompanies many singers of various genres Around the world, his current home city is Cَrdoba-Spain since 2011.

Rafael Ramón Molina Moreno – Spanish Saxophonist,Engineer, artist’s managerand peace activist, studied industrial engineering in Cَrdoba and Seville, has presented music programs on community radio, conducting interviews with musicians of current music in Cَrdoba and Andalusia, teaches Saxophone classes for beginners at the El Gato de Cَrdoba school of musicians, he works as a music agent and has a booking office under the name Difpromotions.

Curro Rumbao – Spanish Cordoban guitarist, bassist, singer and composer of the band Up To The Blazz, and founding partner of the School of Musicians El Gato. He has participated and collaborated in numerous recordings and concerts with other bands, singers-songwriters and musicians in different parts of Spain and abroad, and also in projects merging music and poetry, while organizing charity concerts for different social causes, concert schedules and Open microphones and jam sessions. He has won the VII edition of Dinamomusic and winner of the III edition of the Recycle band contest.

Israel Redondo – Spanish Cordoban percussionist, his musical career began at age eight. Since then he accompanies numerous artists as a drummer and percussionist, in live concerts and recordings sessions and video clips, as well as participating in different flamenco fusion groups. nowadays he is working also as a teacher in music school in Malaga.


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Rafael R. Molina Moreno – Cَordoba
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