How I spend my time during the Lockdown?!

A question that many followers and fans sent to me!
Well, We are all going through tough times, challenges and alot of questions occupy our minds!
I will tell you later about the challenges issue. So in addition to the fact that I’m in love now with the kitchen and spending good time preparing food and eating so much ;), in parallel and to avoid health problems, I started doing some sport and practicing “Chi Kung” – A millenia-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purpose of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. But I’m spending most of my time, writing, composing and recording new songs, my first song was born in February from my quarantine, my version in Arabic and Spanish to the protest song ‘ Solo Le Pido A Dios’ – I only ask of God/ Salati – recorded in my little home studio, which I built in this period of quarantine and  isolation to continue sharing with you more and more music and to lift up the spirit.This little studio is my shelter, my only  psychological treatment place were I try to keep my spirit, my energies up, and trying not to lose sanity ;), parts of the song were recorded in two more studios across the ocean, Ft. my beautiful talented friends Curro Rumbao and Rafael Molina.
This song is dedicated to lonely, oppressed and hopeless people
and to each one of us, to fulfill our hearts with hope and the most important thing is to take a moment and to reconsider our thoughts and decisions!! if you didn´t start yet, so please do it with us now!!
Special thanks to my dear friends Ana B. Rodríguez Medina and Teko Sds for their wonderful job, video making, designing and editing.
Will write to you more about the newborn songs soon!
If you like it please share it
And stay tuned for the upcoming song .. very soon 🙏🏼
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